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Punum Designs grew from a beginning in the 3D Animation world which may explain why Interactive Media comes easily to us. With the struggle to even find a domain name that matches your company name, clients are now wondering how can they possibly stand out amongst the masses. Punum Designs offers professional customized projects at a cost effective price range.

From dynamic signage to online flash applications Punum Designs has the talent pool and technical savvy to help your project get off the ground. With all the right people in the right places you can feel comfortable that your business is in good hands. For a look at our previous work click here.

Including Interactive Media on your website or as a standalone application can be very daunting to some clients. With our experience we are able to guide you through the experience while helping you understand all the new technical terms that may arise. Our focus on including Interactive Media will always be the end user. This will help to structure a proper experience while still providing high quality visual stimulation. The use of technology should reflect your business's marketing strategy. We feel that use of Interactive Media should be an extension of your business and enhance the user experience.

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YVRAA Vancouver International Airport Authority


YVR is Canada's second busiest airport, with some 16.4 million passengers, approximately 223,700 tonnes of cargo and 278,500 take-offs and landings in 2005. YVR is the second largest international passenger gateway on the West Coast of North America. YVR is in operation 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, including round-the-clock customs and runway operations. The Airport Authority assumed the management and operation of YVR from Transport Canada in 1992. YVR is operated under the provisions of a long-term lease with the Government of Canada.

YVRAA engaged Punum Designs to develop their new Flight Information Screens.

Punum Designs performed a thorough analysis on YVRAA's specific needs and requirements for their new flight information screen (FIDS). Their existing screen was restricted to three colors with white text on black. While this design was highly usable and traditional, they were installing new widescreen 42" plasmas with full color capability. Punum Designs proposed using the dark forest green color found in existing static signage to cue a visitor that the screen was part of the signage family. Punum Designs also used a natural pallette found in the native art and building material throughout the terminals to better brand the screen. As added features Punum Designs recommended the use of lines to break up the rows of text to increase the readability of the flights, as well as the highlighting of flights that would require passenger attention. Lastly to help passenger flow Punum Designs recommended the use of the same yellow gate icons used in static signage to help passengers find the proper location. The flight information screens were such a success that it helped YVR be voted as one of the TOP 10 AIRPORTS IN THE WORLD.

Punum Designs is still currently engaged in numerous dynamice signage projects throughout YVR.

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